Now, companies like Mustang Cat, are offering it to their employees, in the middle of a big city, like Houston.


Medical scopes are hooked-up through computers for a doctor to closely view and monitor from afar. Dr. Jerry Jones does all of this from the comforts of his home in Southwest Houston, where he was when we interviewed him through telecommunication on the northwest side. He says he believes telemedicine helps patients tremendously! "If I were there, looking at your ear, the vision is not as big around as a pencil eraser. Here it's on a screen size. We see patients all over - from Indonesia or the coast of China or Australia. It's amazing - I can listen to heart tones, lung sounds, look at the throat," explains Dr. Jones.


David Aitken says he and many of his colleagues sure appreciate this medical service at Mustang Cat. "When I'm down there on the clock, because I do have deadlines to meet, having to take a day off from work just to see a doctor for twenty minutes and sit there for one or two hours to wait, versus just to come up here - it's been a neat experience," says David Aitken.


The CEO of the parent company of "Medicine at Work", called NuPhysicia, says this medical concept is old-fashioned convenience at its finest. "One of the great phrases in medicine is convenience drives compliance. People are more prone to stay on care regimens, stay in touch with managing weight and/or smoking cessation. These are things the work-site clinics are able to bring where we're able to make those types of employee wellness initiatives, management of chronic conditions, & bring those types of things under physician supervision, right to smaller work places," says Glenn Hammack.


"We can do almost anything a general physician's office can do. We can do flu testing, strep throat testing, we can do lab work. Some of it needs to be sent off site, but we can do blood work, we catch a lot of people who don't know they have problems - because they're not likely to go to the doctor, so we catch high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, we've even caught some skin cancer," says Jay Donella with Medicine at Work.


Privacy is of utmost important too! No windows in the workspace clinic are allowed, and they suggest patients use personal e-mail and their own cell phones for added security. Medicine at Work clinics can be set up in corporations with at least 200 employees. Workers are able to use their health insurance.


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October 24, 2013 HOUSTON (FOX 26) - Forget about booking doctor's appointments weeks in advance, dealing with traffic issues to get to your doctor, and then spending hours in a waiting room. Many local employers are bringing medicine to work and trimming it down to a fifteen minute visit. The timing couldn't be better! In the next ten years, there's a projected shortage of more than 130,000 doctors!


Telemedicine was first created to help workers in remote locations, like off-shore oil rigs.

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