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The Digital Medical Services® or DMS® system is a US-patented (US 7,912,733 B2) intellectual property of the University of Texas and is exclusively licensed to NuPhysicia. It represents an effective, technology-based system for delivery of health care that incorporates medical videoconferencing, electronic medical records, patient remote diagnostics and data collection, and enterprise reporting systems for the medical environment.

NuPhysicia provides licenses for customers to utilize the DMS® system in their programs and services. This license is in the form of an ongoing subscription; DMS®  is utilized in a manner authorized exclusively during the period that NuPhysicia provides logistics, support, and maintenance services for the project scope. With NuPhysicia, customers avoid having to “start from scratch” and avoid common pitfalls in telemedicine and remote medical programs.


NuPhysicia - through its management consulting and licensed intellectual property - provides the expertise and system that built the largest and most successful telemedicine programs in the world.


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