Houston, TX, April 18, 2012 – NuPhysicia Serviços Médicos Offshore LTDA, Brazil's leading provider of complete telemedicine-based offshore medic services, has partnered with Globaldoctors Health Solutions, medical consultants, to offer comprehensive onshore and offshore coordinated medical support for offshore markets in Brazil.


"This partnership with NuPhysicia Serviços Médicos Offshore and its advanced telemedicine offshore medic service will fully compliment our clinic and hospital medical assistance," said Dr. Marcelo Meucci Soares Pinto, Medical Director of Globaldoctors. "We are confident that together we can assure customers that their employees are getting the highest quality medical care while working offshore and in Rio de Janiero if they require medical care."


Globaldoctors is recognized for bringing together skilled medical consultants in Brazil with extensive onshore and offshore experience. NuPhysicia's telemedicine-based offshore medic service offers customers unparalleled medical access and quality health care through a complete telemedicine solution. The solution includes an electronic medical record (EMR) system, examination equipment, and medical-quality video conferencing.


"Together, Globaldoctors and NuPhysicia are providing the most complete solution for remote medical assistance—offshore and now onshore—through Globaldoctors' relationships with noted area hospitals and clinics," explained Dr. Glenn Hammack, CEO of NuPhysicia, the parent company of NuPhysicia Serviços Médicos Offshore. "We are proud to be teaming with Globaldoctors."


About Globaldoctors

Globaldoctors Health Solutions offers world-class medical care with a team of English-speaking doctors and nurses, who are all specialized and certified by the world's recognized emergency medicine institutions. Its medical facilities located in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, are modern and comfortable. For more information, visit


About NuPhysicia Serviços Médicos Offshore

NuPhysicia Serviços Médicos Offshore LTDA offers Brazilian region customers InPlace Medical Solutions day-rate packages for complete, turnkey services for all offshore medical needs, and tailored programs that work with a company's medical staffing. For more information, visit


About NuPhysicia

NuPhysicia Incorporated is a privately held medical services solutions provider delivering advanced remote health care—concepts first developed and proven by the University of Texas. With its patented Digital Medical Services® solution, NuPhysicia delivers medical services to patients around the world with InPlace Medical Solutions™ and provides remote health infrastructure to medical organizations through NuPhysicia Solutions™. For more information, visit


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