HOUSTON, September 10, 2012 — NuPhysicia Inc., the world’s leading telemedicine services firm, is pleased to announce that the Canadian Intellectual Property Office has granted a patent for its Digital Medical Services® (DMS®) system, the integrated remote medical care and telemedicine method.


The Canadian patent is titled “System, Method and Program Product for Delivering Medical Services From a Remote Location.” The University of Texas Board of Regents granted an exclusive patent license to NuPhysicia in 2007.


“This additional patent recognizes the strengths and uniqueness of our processes for delivering coordinated health care by telemedicine,” said Glenn Hammack, President and CEO of NuPhysicia. “It further protects and validates our products and services as we grow internationally, and it is welcome news as we have several customer locations in Canada.”


The patent innovatively synthesizes the elements of telemedicine, electronic medical records, pharmacy management systems, and standardized care protocols into the DMS® system—a single, unified system for health care. The DMS® system has provided safe and effective medical care to nearly a million patients since its inception at a major U.S. academic medical center in the late 1990s.


NuPhysicia senior management led the development of the DMS® system while at the University of Texas Medical Branch, and subsequently created NuPhysicia Inc. in 2006 to commercialize the system. The DMS® system is the core of NuPhysicia’s service brand product InPlace Medical Solutions® and is sub-licensed to NuPhysicia’s telemedicine hardware and consulting customers as NuPhysicia Solutions™.


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NuPhysicia Incorporated is a privately held medical services solutions provider delivering advanced remote health care – concepts first developed and proven by the University of Texas. With its patented Digital Medical Services® solution, NuPhysicia delivers medical services to patients around the world with InPlace Medical Solutions™ and provides remote health infrastructure to medical organizations through NuPhysicia Solutions™. For more information, visit or call 713.358.9270.


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